MREP Services

"MREP helped us get beyond a power and rights environment to an interest-based problem solving approach. From analysis to training, MREP provided experienced, skilled support every step of the way".

Denise Hedges, President
Association of Professional Flight Attendants

The hallmark of all MREP services is the use of a problem-solving or "interest-based" approach. Using this approach, MREP professionals assist disputing parties to focus on their respective interests, seeking an outcome that satisfies the core interests of all.

"Not only has our backlog of pending arbitrations and grievances been significantly reduced, the MREP principles have brought the parties together in achieving a productive dialogue at the shop floor level. This cooperative atmosphere will aid all of us in the future in successfully meeting the challenges of an ever-changing work environment".

Debra Reed, Senior Vice President
Southern California Gas Company

The benefits of an interest-based approach are not limited to the mediation of grievances and expedited med-arb. This same approach can be used in all aspects of labor-management relations, leading not only to better conflict resolution, but also to more harmonious and cooperative relationships.

Among the services provided by MREP are:

  • mediation of grievances;
  • expedited med-arb;
  • facilitation and mediation of collective-bargaining negotiations;
  • facilitation of company-union committees and task teams;
  • facilitation and mediation of strike-settlement negotiations;
  • joint negotiation training for company and union grievance handlers;
  • joint negotiation training in preparation for collective bargaining;
  • diagnosis of the causes of relational problems, making recommendations to correct the problems, and assistance in the implementation of those recommendations.

To contact MREP about the provision of these or related services, click Contact MREP.

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